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Our School

Lafayette Elementary School is located in the heart of the city of Lafayette, California. The school provides a comprehensive program that challenges and supports all learners. The curriculum is aligned with the Common Core Standards that promote higher level thinking and support the active role of students in their learning. Enrichment programs such as Lafayette Partners in Education (LPIE) and The Parent Teacher Association (PTA) compliment the students' academic experience. The Parent Teacher Association provides a wide range of volunteer services, parent education opportunities and financial support. The Lafayette Partners in Education is the foundation for our District which provides generous financial support and programs to our schools.

Lafayette School is composed of approximately 520 students in a Transitional Kindergarten through fifth grade setting. Maintaining high district-wide standards, we have a soft cap of 22 students in kindergarten, 24 in first through third grade classes and a soft cap of 29 in our fourth and fifth grade classes.

The mission of Lafayette School is to create lifelong learners who contribute positively to society. As a community we aim to foster critical thinking, a love of learning, and the development of the whole child. Students' days are filled with academic learning across the subject areas: Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies. We also provide lessons to develop students' skills in the Social Emotional realm through Kimochis in TK and K and The Toolbox Project in 1st - 5th grades. Teachers create classroom environments that allow students to feel safe, take risks, and grow as learners. With the message of 'Safety, Respect, and Responsibility' across the school, students learn how to interact and thrive as part of a classroom and school community. Through reflection and restorative practices, staff support students to make and reflect on choices that positively impact themselves and others. We see the journey of lifelong learning as one that we are all in together!